What can be expected when we meet?

A shy exhibitionist looking for love in all the wrong places? Well, absolutely…

I like to touch and be touched so first, expect a warm embrace and a kiss! I am alarmingly genuine, a bit vulnerable and very appreciative you chose to be with me. It can be exciting to meet someone new, yet I cherish my established friends even deeper. I am polite and respectful regardless of whom I’m with, yet not willing to change myself to please others.

Where are you from? Where do you live?

I’m originally from the West Coast and arrived in New York City as a young lady.  I permanently reside in New York City.  Elements of my personality have led me here, both by choice and fantasy.  

What type of men do you like?

A gentleman with a generous and kind heart who leaves me with fond memories of our time together, is my personal gauge of a phenomenal experience. I have goals in life and am truly appreciative of those who help me realize them.

Is sincerity possible when meeting this way?

Absolutely. Meeting in such a direct, honest way eliminates the need for pretense. What an incredible way to begin! A day without pleasure or laughter is simply a lost day. A night without passion is even worse! We can experience many happy moments together, and after the first it will not be the last!