One Hour
$ 1,500

Two Hours
$ 2,000

Three Hours
$ 3,000

Dinner Date ~ 7 hours
$ 6,000

$ 9,000


Rates Only Applicable In New York City, Where I Am Based.


I do not tour, but do travel upon private request.


To read my T.E.R. reviews, please click HERE.


Stats: 32D - 20 - 31. 5ft. 5in, 95 lbs.  Shoe 5 - 35.


To inquire regarding extended engagements,
please complete my reservations form.

Should unforeseen matters arise, I would greatly appreciate your notifying me, at minimum, 48 hours in advance of our engagement.  Should you be unable to do so, I would appreciate a gift of 50% of the time we had scheduled together prior to making arrangements for your next visit.

Please note that a 'Dinner Date' must include dining out, otherwise standard rates apply.